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Use personalized reports to understand perfectly how your current recruitment works in order to plan your future strategy

Measure the progress of your selection processes and improve the effectiveness of your HR team with Talent Clue

Information about your selection processes

All the information about your selection processes, in one place

Forget about scattered spreadsheets: centralize all recruitment reports with the same tool you use to recruit and find out what works and what might be better with automatic personalized reports.

Do you post on the right channels?

Where do your best candidates come from? Do you post on the right channels?

If you don’t have any idea… you’re going to find out! Having this information is key to identifying the source of your best candidates and fostering those actions that really give you great results.

How long are your average selection processes?

How long are your average selection processes?

Shortening the time of your selection processes is the key to resounding success. How long do your sourcing, screening and interviews last? You will be able to analyze how long a candidate takes on average to go from signing up to being hired and, above all, improve this process.

Don’t forget about the GDPR reports!

And don’t forget about the GDPR reports!

You no longer have to be afraid of the GDPR audit (which refers to the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act) or working with your colleagues in the Legal Department. Talent Clue allows you to comply with GDPR and create reports on the acceptance of candidates. It’s that easy!

Adriel García, Adjunto a la Dirección de RRHH, Vía Célere

With Talent Clue we can find out which channels are most successful and if we are efficient recruiters. For us this is an essential part of cutting costs!

Adriel García, HR Assistant Manager, Via Célere

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