Talent Relationship Management

Hire at lightning speed: manage vacancies faster and communicate with all of your candidates

The agile management of your selection processes has finally come into your life (to save it)

Save time and money by managing your vacancies that much faster. And what’s more, enjoy recruiting!

Manage all selection processes in one place

Manage all selection processes in one place

Having to move from tool to tool is now over: centralize the posting of job positions, receiving profiles and managing candidacies with Talent Clue, in a single control panel from where you can consult, screen and hire, without having to leave your chair.

Screen applicants at lightning speed and close vacancies earlier

Screen applicants at lightning speed and close vacancies earlier

Manage applications right as you receive them: decide if the candidate is suitable or not, then promote or discard them without wasting any time. Talent Clue allows you reduce screening time by more than half.

Automate everything you should not be doing manually

It’s going to seem incredible, but tasks such as posting your job position on various channels, picking candidates and sending emails… can be easily automated. Doing so will give you back the time you need that will result in true value.

Synchronize all your recruiters to work as a team

Synchronize all your recruiters to work as a team

Just like a synchronized swimming team! That’s how your HR Department will work with Talent Clue: everyone will have all the information at hand, you will know which steps each person has taken, which candidates have been discarded and why, how many and whom you have interviewed… Say goodbye to chaos!

All the information in one place Take back control and visibility: access the general status of your vacancies

Screen automatically to work even faster Use killer questions and open-ended questions for screening automatically!

Interviews – easy and agiles You will be able to evaluate candidates better and interview them using templates

Start managing your applications at lightning speed with Talent Clue

Don’t let the relationship with your candidates cool down

Good communication is key to maintaining a valuable, cared-after and lively relationship with your candidates, because you never know when you will need them again!

Automatic flow of communication

Automatic flow of communication

Automatically inform all candidates of the status of their candidacy. They will receive an e-mail when you promote or discard them, meaning they will know where they stand in your processes at all times and will feel that you’re taking care of them. Mini-bonus point for you!

No more cold contacts: Humanize your brand!

No more cold contacts: Humanize your brand!

Successful recruitment is based on a valuable relationship between recruiter and candidate, so in order to get the most out of it you will be able to personalize all communications. From using your real email address to showing off the best of your brand: your templates are yours!

Send mass communications with a click

Do you have something to say to your candidates? Send mass communications with a click

Create custom templates or send mass invites to anyone you want for your new positions. You will no longer have to go one by one to communicate with your candidates: you can do it all from Talent Clue!

Notifications: one time and that’s it As a set-up: configure the notifications just once, and then forget about it!

Drastically reduce the time you use for communicating No more long lists of calls and emails, communicate en masse

Work collaboratively with your entire team Working as a team is not only possible, but also very fluid

Create and maintain relationships with all your candidates and become their first choice, always!

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