Candidate Experience

Engage your candidates throughout the selection process and they will have an unforgettable experience

A candidate’s journey through the ideal process

Candidates who have a positive recruiting experience are the ones who are most likely to eventually sign up for your positions, become happy employees and ambassadors for your brand. That is why we have put ourselves in the shoes of the candidate and have developed a software tool focused entirely on them. We invite you to check out what an ideal selection process for the candidate looks like.

The candidate discovers you

The candidate discovers you on social media

65% of candidates follow brands on social media to keep up with their job offers


The first contact with you could be through a #fabulously written tweet, a picture of your team on LinkedIn or a Facebook video. Turn your followers into a source of talent!

They visit your Career Page

They visit your Career Page and are amazed

59% of candidates sign up for positions from the career page


This is where they really get to know you: your values, your way of working, what your employees say about your company and, most important, your job positions. They find out if they fit in and match with your company!

They sign up for your position

They sign up for your position in record time

80% is the dropout rate in signing up, and 40´ the average time professionals take to complete a form


It’s important to make life easier for your candidate: use responsive and short forms so they can fill them out from a mobile phone or while on the metro. They will sign up in the blink of an eye!

Get feedback at all times

Get feedback at all times

43% of candidates would prefer to be rejected before they receive any information


They receive feedback from your team throughout the process: keep them up to date about their application until the end, and communicate with them in a comfortable and fast way.

They fall in love with your brand

They fall in love with your brand and recommend you

37% of candidates with a good experience would recommend others to apply for a job

Career Builder

If the candidate has had a great experience, they will talk about you to their friends and family, just like you would recommend a restaurant where you received excellent service: wouldn’t you go back to eat there again?

That’s what happy candidates do:
56% re-sign up for your positions

Career Builder

What’s the advantage for you if your candidate’s experience is more than good?

Putting the candidate at the center of your recruitment strategy has benefits not only for him or her, but also for your company’s reputation. A happy candidate will help you to attract more good talent, whether or not you hire them.
Talent Clue gives you all the tools to turn the experience of your candidates into something truly exceptional.
Put your candidates at the center: guarantee they have a great experience
with your processes with the help of Talent Clue

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