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Our Mission and Vision

The way people live and work has changed drastically: the workspace and schedule are no longer as rigid, salary is no longer what keeps employees motivated, rather it is the feeling of purpose, motivation and a great team. However, although people and the ways of working have changed… many companies continue to approach the talent as if they are frozen in time: the same way they did years ago.

When we saw this, we created the Inbound Recruiting Methodology and developed the Talent Clue Platform to make it become real.

Talent Clue proposes a different way of recruiting centered around the candidate. Because successful recruiting cannot be reduced to simply posting openings on job boards and hoping that many candidates apply. Successful recruitment is focused on building a relationship between the brand and the candidate, and making the company attractive for them.

Our mission at Talent Clue is to help companies grow with the best talent. We want to help them change the way they attract, engage and hire their candidates. We simply want the world of Human Resources to be more… Inbound. This is a more human and empathetic way of approaching prospective candidates.

The History of Talent Clue

All companies want to attract and recruit more candidates, and do so faster: they want to fill their vacancies with the best candidates and with the least expenses in terms of cost and time. The problem is that this is not the best way of doing things, and there is a gap between what companies and the Human Resources Departments want and the way they recruit and hire talent.

We built our value proposition from the problem

Ivan Sala and Ana Izquierdo started in the world of Human Resources with SNTalent, a recruitment and selection consultancy. That was where they built their value proposition from the problem: they created a specific technology for their consultants, in order to close vacancies faster and at a lower cost. Even their own customers asked to use the technology! That was how Talent Clue was born.

An opportunity to help lots of people

In 2013, Ana, Ivan and Toni Gimeno created Talent Clue with the idea of giving recruiters in all companies a tool that would help them do their jobs better and automate tasks that added little value and made them waste a lot of time.

Until that moment, no similar tools existed, and the only ones that did were very robust ERPs, which covered only a part of the process and only the largest companies could afford them.

As more and more recruiters started adopting the tool, we realized that the techniques used by companies to attract and hire the best talent were very ineffective. And here we learned that not only did we have to automate tasks, but we should also give recruiters tools to improve their recruiting techniques. It was at this time when the idea of Inbound Recruitment was born.

The origin of the Inbound Recruiting Methodology

Talent Clue is one of the first companies in Europe to implement the methodology called Inbound Marketing. This methodology is based on making the Marketing and Sales processes much more human. That’s how we get our customers and fans to fall in love with our brand. Eureka! Right then we realized that companies should do the same for their candidates.

Up until then, most companies only had two options for attracting candidates:

  • 1. Post job offers on the maximum number of job boards
  • 2. Search for candidates on social networks and cold call them

These strategies no longer work. People no longer look over the offers on job boards and are less reactive to cold recruiting emails.

We studied what large technology companies, noteworthy startups and large corporations were doing, and we realized that they applied Marketing strategies. The same ones they used to attract customers, they used in their HR departments to attract candidates.

People no longer live, work, buy or consume in the same way they did years ago. However, most companies continue to do the same things as they did years ago.

Inbound Recruiting: The most effective way of attracting, engaging and hiring candidates

Here’s when we started talking about how candidates had changed their way of interacting with companies and with the world, and how companies and recruiters should do the same as well. And we started talking about how to attract talent through social networks and Employer Branding, enhancing the experience of the candidate and humanizing the overall selection processes.

And the response was extraordinarily positive. It was time that the idea of Inbound Recruitment was unveiled.

Time for companies to start applying the Methodology

So, if the best companies use this Methodology and it’s incredibly obvious that it should be done this way, why don’t more companies use it? The reason is clear: they don’t know where to start and there is a huge disconnect between the Marketing and Human Resources Departments in companies.

It’s very likely that the Marketing teams have control over a large part of the solutions we are proposing. In addition, it is more difficult for the Human Resources Departments to access the typical Marketing tools. Our idea is to give HR greater independence, but have them also working closely with Marketing so that they can make use of the same channels, while always being in line with the same goal: attract talent and make the company grow.

The Inbound movement has already begun

Inbound Recruiting is already taking its first steps and we are convinced that all HR professionals will love this philosophy. We have built a company and an ambitious and talented community to change the way that companies around the world do their recruiting.

We want to thank the more than 400 clients, 10,000 blog subscribers and thousands of followers on various social networks for believing in our mission to change the way companies relate to talent thanks to Inbound Recruitment.

Let’s humanize the selection processes together!

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